The Mann School Playground


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Boys and Girls


Holambi Khurd, Delhi, 110082, India


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Holambi Khurd, Delhi


New Delhi


New Delhi


About The Mann School Playground | Delhi

The The Mann School Playground provide some cultural activities like singing, dancing, quiz competition, writing competition and others.The The Mann School Playground makes the students more familiar with education and knowledge.The The Mann School Playground mainly focus on giving practical knowledge to students, making students more efficient, and increasing problem solving skills and thinking capabilities of students.School strikes the perfect balance between modern education and vintage architecture.The The Mann School Playground provide an exceptionally caring and learning – focused environment for the students.The students will be able to make a valuable contribution to both our society and our country. The The Mann School Playground develops a sense of integrity, justice, patriotism and a commitment to serve the community.The The Mann School Playground depends on a strong management team, a supportive governing council, dedicated teachers and residential parents, hard-working support and operational staff, and, of course, a great group of students that make all our efforts supremely worthwhile.Special training in activities like martial arts, athletics and skating are also provided. Meditation and yoga classes are also conducted that help students hone their concentration skills and pay more attention in their classes.
• Study Magazines
• Music and Art Class
• Student Friendly Classes
• Dining room for College students
• Healing bay with First Aid Materials